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I began down the path of counseling in January of 2012 as a graduate student of marriage, family, and child therapy at University of Phoenix Southern Colorado Campus. My goal as a therapist is to help people and their families see and believe in the true self each person has. When the true self can be seen, it can be accepted. When it can be accepted, it can be embraced. Then healing can begin. I see individuals, couples, and families, as well as adults, teens, adolescents, and children.

Colorado LPC License number LPC.0014389
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My Counseling Philosophy

Helping you to help yourself is the crux of the therapy profession. No one can make you change, but a therapist can be there to help you. And no one method of therapy works for everyone. I prefer to work with individuals and/or families and see what style would work best for them. While I am a fan of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy or REBT, that may not be the approach to take. Sometimes psychodrama may be the best way to help someone see what it is that troubles them. Whatever method it takes we will explore together to get to the heart of the matter.

Carl Rogers believed clients (not patients) have the ability to take control of their problems and solve them. They just needed a bit of guidance to help them through. Much like the GPS in your car, I will help guide you to the answers you seek, but ultimately it will be you who makes the decision.

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Special Areas of Interest

  • Focus on all aspects of the LGBT community and gender dysphoria; offering the best support I can as a gender therapist. I am in many groups that will enable me to learn more.
  • Military members and their families. Having been in the military for 15 years and deployed, I can understand the issues military families go through.
  • Another important community to me is the Pagan community. I understand how hard it can be when you are not a member of one of the big three of religion. And ‘coming out’ to family and friends can be just as difficult as it is for members of the LGBT community.
  • Polyamorous and other “non societal conforming” families

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  • Bachelors of Science- Business Management from University of Phoenix (Delta Mu Delta) (2012)
  • Masters of Science- Marriage, Family, Child Therapy from University of Phoenix (2014)
  • Intern at The Bohemian Sanctuary under Dara Hoffman-Fox
  • PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on Gender Diversity Studies from North Central University.  (Current Study)
  • Post-Master’s certificate in Gender Diversity Studies from North Central University (2017)

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Professional Experience

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Prior Speaking Engagements

  • Peak View- March 2016- Transgender Awareness
  • Inside/Out Suicide Panel- May 2016- Teen Suicide and Gender Diversity
  • Value Care Health Clinic- October 2016- Transgender Best Practices
  • 43rd Annual Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium_ January 2017- Transgender 101
  • Aspen Pointe- Jan 2018- Transgender Best Practices
  • GSA Leadership Summit- Feb 2018- Gender Diversity and Bullying
  • San Carlos Correctional Facility- March 2018- Transgender Best Practices in Correctional Setting
  • Springs Equality- March 2018- Keynote Speaker
  • CSU Boulder TRANSforming Conference- March 2018- Transgender 101
  • CSU Boulder TRANSforming Conference- March 2018- LGBT Bullying
  • MHPoSC- May 2018- Polyamorous Therapy Best Practices
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance High Plains Church- November 2018- Keynote speaker Line Divider Graphic

Groups, Classes and Workshops I help facilitate or volunteer

BRIDGE Transgender Support Group (Building real Identities and Discovering Gender Identities)

PAGE Transgender Support Group (Peak Area Gender Expressions)

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About the Practice Name:

4 squares create a solid foundation in any home.  Like with a home, you need to have a solid foundation as well.  4Square Counseling’s goal is to help you build that.

4Square Counseling

Paul Gross, LPC
411 Lakewood Circle Drive
Room C-207-A
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

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