My Approach To Therapy

ApproachMy approach to therapy is very client centered. I do not use any one particular style or technique when it comes to a therapy session.  What works for one client does not always work for another. I will use whatever method works best to help you discover what you need.

The most important thing is listening to you and actually hearing what you have to say. If that means using talk therapy to work through an issue, we will. If role-playing is called for, we can use that. If looking at your star chart proves effective, we can even do that.

During your initial free 30 minute phone consultation, we will go over your paperwork, talk about your current goals and find the ways we can address your problems together.

I can not prescribe medication, so your treatment will be medication free unless a referral for it is necessary.

I truly believe that a strong foundation begins with you, my job is to help you find the tools to build it.

I provide therapy face to face; phone and internet appointments can be done if you are in the state of Colorado and we have already met in person.

4Square Counseling

Paul Gross, LPC
411 Lakewood Circle Drive
Room C-207-A
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

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