LGBTQ Counseling Services I Offer

One of my passions is LGBTQ counseling. The LGBTQ community is wide and diverse. LGB (sexual orientation) and T (gender orientation) are different sides of the same coin. But the struggles are real, and there are solutions. Being LGBTQ friendly, knowledgeable, and affirmative, I understand the struggles.

For several years I have worked with the LGBTQ community. I co-facilitate the BRIDGE (Building Real Identity and Discovering Gender Expressions) support group and support PAGE (Peak Area Gender Expressions). Also, I present several times a year at different symposiums and venues and am a WPATH member.

LGBTQ Counseling Services I Offer

Relationship Difficulties

All relationships can have their ups and downs. Same-sex relationships are no different, though there may be other considerations to bear in mind. Gender and sex affirmative therapy can help you if you find yourself in a relationship issue.

Let someone who has experience help you out! I have dealt with same-sex couples and polyamorous family units.

Discovering Your Gender Identity

It can be hard to discover who you are when society fights you every step of the way. Or when labels constantly get changed. Let us fight through the labels and just find out who you are and who you want to be.

Let’s find the real you.

Coming Out

One of the most difficult things to do is telling other people about the secret you have had for so long. It can also be very relieving when you do. But it can be terrifying. We can find a way together to let others know about your true gender or sexual orientation in a safe, respectful way.


The LGBTQ community has been in the spotlight quite a bit as of late. But this does not mean what is reported is always accurate. Especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Often friends, family members, or even you may have questions about things.

I can help you to learn more about sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, and other questions you may have when it comes to LGBTQ counseling. There are many resources out there, but sometimes it can be difficult to separate the fact from the fiction.

HRT Counseling and Letter

Hormone replacement therapy or hormone therapy is a major step in transitioning to your authentic self. Whether you need counseling, information, or a letter written for doctors who do not do informed consent, I can help you.

I have written dozens of letters for people to get HRT according to WPATH Standards of Care.

GCS Counseling and Letter

A huge step in transitioning is gender confirmation surgery. There are a multitude of surgeries available to aid in reaching your authentic self. We can go over the available surgeries and answer questions you may have.

I have written dozens of letters for people to get GCS according to WPATH Standards of Care.




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