Marriage and Couples Therapy

Marriage and couples therapy can be useful whether things are looking rough or everything is smooth sailing. Sometimes we forget how to communicate with our significant other. Sometimes we never learned how. And no one ever taught us how to fight properly. Learning to communicate and understand your significant other, whether you are dating, contemplating marriage, married, or looking to end the relationship, can be extremely useful.

Marriage and Couples Therapy I Offer

Dating Tips

Dating is less of a sport and more of an art; finding that ‘right’ person can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes we need a little help finding a way to connect to people. And even when we find that special someone, we might need a bit of help to keep the new relationship fresh or how to communicate together.

I can help your new relationship.

Pre-marital Counseling

Marriage is a big step for a couple to take. Single life is being left behind and you are about to share the rest of your life with another person ‘til death do you part’. Two people are merging their own wants, needs, beliefs, and style. Pre-marital counseling can help answer questions you may have before entering becoming a married couple. It can definitely improve your relationship.

Pre-martial counseling can give your marriage a better chance to succeed by becoming more stable and showing where there might be weaknesses.

Pre-martial counseling can answer the questions of:

  • “Do we want this relationship to go the same way?”
  • “Do we have common ideas on finances?”
  • “Are we thinking the same things about kids and family?”
  • “What do we do about fighting?”
  • “Do we have the same beliefs about sex, religion, and other beliefs?”

Premarital counseling is also offered as a prepaid, take home packet with visits when you have time.


Marriages can be difficult to maintain. With different sources spouting divorce rates of 50% or more, it can seem daunting to keep a marriage afloat today. Learning how to communicate and how your partner communicates is crucial. Sometimes we get too comfortable and assume we know what our partner wants/thinks.

Your marriage may seem like everything is ok, but so does your car when you get your oil changed. Let’s change the oil in your marriage and clean out what may be gumming it up.

Marriage counseling can:

  • increase useful communication with your spouse
  • provide your relationship stability and balance
  • help reveal weak spots in your relationship
  • help reveal strengths in your relationship
  • make difficult decisions easier for the couple
  • bounce back after a severe fight or an affair

Not all marriages are repairable. As we talk, we may discover separation or even divorce is the best alternative. But if we can salvage your relationship, we will. There is always hope.


Sometimes, even with the best intentions, a marriage just cannot work. It may be best to find a way to end the relationship with as little muss and fuss as possible. A divorce does not have to be a messy drawn out affair. Sometimes you may just need someone to talk to while you go through a divorce.

In a hard time like this it can be helpful to have someone to listen to you.


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