Polyamory Counseling Services I Offer

Polyamory counseling is something many therapists do not understand or want to do. It can be easy to get confused by polycules and how a certain relationship orientation that is not ‘societal norm’ can still be functional. Polyamory can be a beautiful thing in all of its many forms. From a Vee to a triad to cross-coupling and even more complex relationship orientations, polyamory is not for everyone. It can be a difficult lifestyle for some to understand and flourish in. But when it is done right, it can be incredibly fulfilling.

I am Poly-affirmative. For several years I have seen many polycules as well as individuals and helped other therapists understand what polyamory is. For a time I was in a polyamorous relationship. I understand what it means to be in a poly relationship.

Things to remember:

  • Polyamory is about open, HONEST, consensual, communicated, and informed relationships
  • everyone needs to be on the same page
  • never lose yourself in the relationships; you are as important as your partners
  • it is a safe relationship style and can be beautiful when practiced properly
  • it is not illegal; nor is it polygamy or bigamy
  • like any relationship, consensual non-monogamy takes work

Together we can navigate the waters of polyamory so you can explore it in all its beauty.

Polyamory Counseling Services I Offer

Relationship counseling

Whether you are new to polyamory or have been in committed relationships with your SO, OSO, or others, you are bound to have relationship issues, much like any other relationship. There is trouble when your issues are not the ‘standard’ vanilla issues other therapists are used too.

Trouble with the Meta? Boundary problems? Help writing up a contract? I can help.


Do you wonder about what it means to be Poly? Don’t know your N.R.E. from your O.R.E.? Curious about compersion? How is it different from Swinging, or Polygamy? All very good questions.

I can help guide you through the world of polyamory.

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