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Everyone has their own path when trying to discover their spirituality. It can be a confusing journey with many false starts and dead ends. You may need help navigating the twists and turns of your spirituality. I may have your map. Especially when it comes to the pagan community.

While I am pagan and understand the inner workings of a pagan community, I do not dismiss other religions.  And I do not push religious counseling unless you ask for it. But should you decide you would like spiritual counseling, we can discuss what it is you need. I am knowledgeable of many different pantheons but do not claim to know them all.

Services I Offer the Pagan Community


Tarot has been around for many centuries. When we do readings we can do a simple one card turn up to a complex Celtic cross. We can use reverse cards or read the cards as they lay. You can also discover more about yourself with a series of one card draws, relying on your interpretations of the cards.

I use the Rider-Waite and Milo Manara Love decks.

A good tarot reading can:

  • reveal much about yourself and your emotions
  • provide you clarity and help remove limiting beliefs
  • help reveal feelings you may not have previously understood
  • help reveal feelings you may have now
  • make difficult decisions
  • show how your feelings impact your future

With a tarot reading you can gain a better sense of awareness and knowledge of yourself and surroundings. You can achieve a different and new perspective on life. What do the cards have in store for you?


While not an exact science, astrology and the meanings of the signs can provide you with insight into yourself and even why you may do the things you do. This is not a generic reading from the newspaper but a personalized reading for you. Your moon and sun signs can help show who you are and your sign can help you learn more about you, your relationships, and your interactions with others.

A good astrology reading can:

  • help understand who you are
  • show relationship compatibility
  • show you talents and strengths you may have
  • help you gain control of your life
  • understand the ebbs and flows of your life

Remember, as above, so below. Give the stars a chance and you may be surprised.

Dream Analysis

Our brains will often impart information to us in ways we least expect and cannot always understand. Our resting brain can send us information in the form of dreams. Sometimes dreams are merely the brain’s way of showing our flights of fancy. Other times, they are our attempt at trying to resolve problems we could not or will not in our waking time. By analyzing our dreams we can try to figure out what our subconscious is telling us and work out problems or issues we may have hidden from ourselves.


Often there are questions people have about paganism and rituals,, and, just what in the heck is an athame? Maybe you have a relative that has become pagan and you have questions. I can help you out with learning more about paganism and the things associated with different spiritualities.

Esoteric Issues

These are the spirit and spiritual issues that most people cannot or do not want to talk about. Sometimes there comes a need to talk about them with someone who understands and is open to them. As Shakespeare wrote, ‘there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’.

4Square Counseling

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